Exclusive videos for the BeatThread comunity

BeatThread Tutorials: Sample Stretching using FL Studio (By: GeohWorks)

GeohWorks edits samples in FL Studio by using FL Slicer.

BeatThread Tutorials: Chopping Samples in Ableton Live. (By: eranotik)

eranotik chops samples in Ableton Live using Ableton Push.

BeatThread Tutorials: Side Chain Compression in PreSonus Studio (By: Confaya Jammer)

Confaya Jammer balances the kick drum and bass using side chain compression.

BeatThread Tutorials: Turning Mono Files into Stereo (By: Confaya Jammer)

Confaya Jammer turns two mono files into one stereo file.

BeatThread Tutorials: Sampling Techniques (By: Circuit Brent)

Circuit Brent makes a beat using Beat Maker 3.

BeatThread Tutorials: Exporting Stems with Maschine 2 (By: Ayydot)

Ayydot Exports stems from Maschine 2 into Logic Pro X

BeatThread Tutorials: Creating Chord Progressions in Logic Pro X (By: Ayala Who)

Ayala Who makes a quick chord progression in Logic Pro X.

BeatThread Tutorials: Drum Sampling (By: Arkin)

Arkin records his own drum samples into Logic Pro X

BeatThread Tutorials: Round Robin Sampling (By: eranotik)

eranotik uses Round Robin Sampling to make his drums sound more authentic.

Behind the Placement: !llmind X Drake

BeatThread co-founder !llmind talks about how his Drake record came about.

Behind The Placement: !llmind x J Cole

!llmind tells the story behind the record "Love Yourz" off of J Cole's Forest Hills Drive.